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About Us
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We provide Takeaway software solutions that can track and manage orders, run sales reports and gather and store a reliable database of customer addresses and phone numbers. A user-friendly, intuitive sales management system is also crucial, as well as multi-site control of sales and profit reports.

Table, Takeaway & Delivery Management

Tables can be laid out to match the layout of the property and the graphical user interface makes it easy to manage a large dining area as clerks can click straight in to a table from the front screen.

To allow for improved table information, different colours can be set to show the different table status. For additional staff in formation, text showing the current table status is printed within each active table window.

At a glance:

Kitchen Instructions, Free Text

For kitchen orders which have special instructions, a large easy to use pop-up QWERTY keyboard allows for free text to be entered. This feature helps with any special food orders and helps to avoid any potentially costly food preparation errors.

VMAX POS Billboard

Maximise selling opportunities with the VMAX POS Billboard.

Take advantage of your secondary 10” colour customer display and use it for communicating with customers. Such as: