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Based on over 20 years of PC based expertise and know-how, VMAX POS Software is an easy to use and easy to administer front end application software package suitable for retail environments of any size, from a single site to a large chain.

With a clean and intuitive Graphical User InterfaceVMAX POS Software utilises an industry standard SQL database structure in order to manage quick and responsive data processing whilst providing accurate results every time.

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Age Verification

To ensure that servers take responsibility for verifying the age of customer when selling restricted items (Alcohol, tobacco or fireworks), on screen dialogue boxes can be set to appear when pre-set items are sold.

Not only is this for the benefit of the server but VMAX POS Software can also show the number of prompts shown and refusals in the server report.

To ensure quick operation, once an age prompt is shown and the customer’s age is confirmed, further age verification prompts are not shown when subsequent items are sold.

This is a useful feature for all retail outlets that sell alcohol and/or tobacco because it puts the responsibility for verifying a customer’s age in the hands of the servers.

Transaction History

Through the VMAX POS Utility menu, you can view the full transaction history of any customer which is useful for a full audit trail.

The transaction history feature allows any operator to select past transactions which can then be opened and if required a copy of the receipt can be issued.

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Promotional Menus

In addition to discounts on individual items, departments or off the sub total of a bill, VMAX POS has a comprehensive set of promotional features which enable sales to be maximized.

VMAX POS Software features a full set of ‘mix and match’ promotions which allows for a combination of various attractive product promotions to be set-up.

Flexible product promotions can be set. Examples include:

For full flexibility the validity period by day and/or time of any mix and match offers can be specified.

Easy to View, Flexible Menus

VMAX POS Manager allows for the screens to be configured to suit users depending on the type of environment. The software is flexible enough to allow for the transaction area to be positioned left or right for convenience. To help reduce mistakes and increase server awareness, buttons can also be overlaid with an image file.

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VMAX POS Loyalty

Keep track of customer information and their spend. It is possible to set discounts by certain customer groups and reward regular customers for their loyalty. This is an indispensable feature for a members club or a hospitality outlet that wishes to foster better customer retention.

Discounts can be assigned to certain customers depending on their status (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold card members)

There are four different methods of entering a loyalty number into VMAX POS Software

Cloud Till Control

The Till Control component of VMAX Cloud allow business owners and managers to have control of their EPoS solution and changes can be made remotely to screens, products, groups and departments

Key benefits:

Integrated Payments

Eliminate errors and save money The UK and Irish markets are seeing a huge growth in non-cash payments and paying for goods and services by cashless means is now common and widespread. VMAX has partnered with some the UK’s leading providers of Chip and PIN terminals, to provide a seamless integration into VMAX allowing customers to make card payments.

Key Benefits:

Mobile App Control

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